Tuesday, 15 February 2011

So where is the treat?

I had so much fun last night playing with Mama and my rope toy. I'm starting to like it here more, it's fun! She made a video of me so I could show you all on my blog.

I got lots of cuddles this morning when Mama got out of bed. Yay! When Mama tried to make me go for a wee in the garden after my lovely cuddles I saw someone that Mama called the 'post man', I tried to go over to him and have a sniff but Mama wouldn't let me. Grrr... he looked tasty!

Papa took me for a long walk again today, after that Mama gave me my food. I love food but my doggy biscuits are boring, I'd much rather eat tons of chicken and yummy stuff, I ate my doggy biscuits anyway.

Mama spent lots of time playing with me and was teaching me new tricks. I got a tiny treat when I did something good, but sometimes she didn't give me a treat and just called me a "good girl". That was really annoying, I do what Mama says so I can have lots of treats, I don't see the point if there is no food involved. I got bored of not getting the food eventually and wandered off hoping Mama would then give me the food, but she just laughed at me! So rude!!

I sat on the sofa and watched some tele and got lots and lots of belly rubs in the evening, I love those belly rubs!


Before bed I got taken for another walk... I rolled in some mud, jumped through puddles and sniffed lots of trees! Mama gave me a treat when we got home(about time too, was getting hungry).

I need some sleep. Goodnight friends. Woof woof.

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