Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunny Monday and tons of love!

Happy Valentines day everyone. Sending you all doggy kisses and wagging tails!

Today Mama and Papa had to get up early to go out for a while, so they gave me lots of cuddles in bed before they went. I didn't like being left on my own, it really sucks. It was really exciting when they came back, I jumped all over them!

Mama is trying to teach me how to sit, I get some lovely treats if I do it but I prefer to just try and get the treat out of her hand and she calls me a "cheeky monkey". I went on a lovely walk to the park down the road which was great fun, there was so much for me to sniff. It was nice and sunny today, but it was still a bit cold. When we got home Mama tried to take some pictures of me but everytime she took one I moved or started scratching, which was really funny, she caught me out eventually though and got some pics.



Yesterday I had a lovely nap after updating my blog, then I found my new bone that Mama and Papa got me(which is filled with really tasty chicken stuff) and I licked and chewed on it for ages. Which was great fun! Papa also took me for a long walk into town last night which I loved, we also went in the park and I had a good sniff at all the trees and the grass.

I'm rather tired now, so may go for another nap. All these walks make me sleepy! I do sure miss all my tibbie family, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Richard.

Woof Woof!

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