Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Woof Woof!!

Hello World, I am finally back on my blog! Mama had some problems with the laptop which meant I couldn't come online, it really sucked because I had a cool video to put on my blog. We also moved house, which was great as I now have a really nice garden to play in. Yay! I really like sitting on the grass in the sunshine, it's so relaxing. Then I usually get loads of cuddles for looking really really cute, which is awesome!

Mama has been teaching me some more tricks recently, I can hi-five and twirl now. Mama says I'm a really good girl and that I am also a really fast learner! Yay. This means I'll get even more cuddles and treats!

Mama and Papa took me to a pet store recently and they got me this massive chewy bone that tastes of beef, I love it. I have to take it everywhere with me incase Papa tries to steal it, I know he secretly thinks it looks tasty as well. Mama also got me a duck toy, that makes duck noises when I bite its tummy. I didn't like it's feet though, they were bright orange, so I pulled them off straight away. Which made Mama laugh and got me even more cuddles!

Mama is sorting out some pictures of me so that I can put them on my blog and show everyone! More to come very soon!

Woof Woof. xxx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Doggie bloggie from a loggie! Whoa!

I had great fun yesterday, I went on a really long walk with Mama and Papa. I met some new doggies that I wasn't sure about but they were all nice to me, so I don't feel so bad about other dogs. I sniffed lots of stuff and ran about in lots of mud, I also found a really cool hollow log that I climbed into for a good sniff!




Mama has been teaching me more tricks, which means even more treats. Hoorah! I love it when she does that because I get food which I love! Yummy. I also love all these cuddles, I get so many! I can shake Mama's paw and dance now, it's so fun and it makes Mama really happy. Yay.

Mama brushed me yesterday because she said I looked scruffy, I wasn't too keen on her doing that but she gave me a treat afterward for being a good girl, Mama also said I looked really pretty afterwards.


I'm gonna go pester Papa for some cuddles.

Woof Woof!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

So where is the treat?

I had so much fun last night playing with Mama and my rope toy. I'm starting to like it here more, it's fun! She made a video of me so I could show you all on my blog.

I got lots of cuddles this morning when Mama got out of bed. Yay! When Mama tried to make me go for a wee in the garden after my lovely cuddles I saw someone that Mama called the 'post man', I tried to go over to him and have a sniff but Mama wouldn't let me. Grrr... he looked tasty!

Papa took me for a long walk again today, after that Mama gave me my food. I love food but my doggy biscuits are boring, I'd much rather eat tons of chicken and yummy stuff, I ate my doggy biscuits anyway.

Mama spent lots of time playing with me and was teaching me new tricks. I got a tiny treat when I did something good, but sometimes she didn't give me a treat and just called me a "good girl". That was really annoying, I do what Mama says so I can have lots of treats, I don't see the point if there is no food involved. I got bored of not getting the food eventually and wandered off hoping Mama would then give me the food, but she just laughed at me! So rude!!

I sat on the sofa and watched some tele and got lots and lots of belly rubs in the evening, I love those belly rubs!


Before bed I got taken for another walk... I rolled in some mud, jumped through puddles and sniffed lots of trees! Mama gave me a treat when we got home(about time too, was getting hungry).

I need some sleep. Goodnight friends. Woof woof.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunny Monday and tons of love!

Happy Valentines day everyone. Sending you all doggy kisses and wagging tails!

Today Mama and Papa had to get up early to go out for a while, so they gave me lots of cuddles in bed before they went. I didn't like being left on my own, it really sucks. It was really exciting when they came back, I jumped all over them!

Mama is trying to teach me how to sit, I get some lovely treats if I do it but I prefer to just try and get the treat out of her hand and she calls me a "cheeky monkey". I went on a lovely walk to the park down the road which was great fun, there was so much for me to sniff. It was nice and sunny today, but it was still a bit cold. When we got home Mama tried to take some pictures of me but everytime she took one I moved or started scratching, which was really funny, she caught me out eventually though and got some pics.



Yesterday I had a lovely nap after updating my blog, then I found my new bone that Mama and Papa got me(which is filled with really tasty chicken stuff) and I licked and chewed on it for ages. Which was great fun! Papa also took me for a long walk into town last night which I loved, we also went in the park and I had a good sniff at all the trees and the grass.

I'm rather tired now, so may go for another nap. All these walks make me sleepy! I do sure miss all my tibbie family, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Richard.

Woof Woof!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My new home and new blog!

Hello, my name is Gracie and I am a Tibetan Spaniel. I'm just over a year old and moved to a new home yesterday. I used to live with all my family and some lovely owners. Now I don't have my family but I have a new Mama and Papa who are trying hard to cheer me up and make me feel at home.

I have some great new toys. I love my ball on a rope which I had a fight with this morning, I won of course and beat that rope up. Ha! I also have a really cool squeaky dog that is fun to chew on and chase when Mama plays with me.

Mama and Papa took me on a walk today, it was raining and a bit windy but I didn't mind. It was fun running through puddles and in the mud! I sniffed lots of trees and things which was really fun. Papa ran around a field with me for a bit and I sniffed some more stuff. I met some new doggies which I didn't like that much because I haven't seen them before, maybe we could be friends someday! I also saw some odd birds that Mama called 'ducks' and then I chased some err... 'pigeons'. They looked tasty, but I didn't catch one.

I have some snoozing to catch up on and then a bone to chew.

Woof woof.